Improve Business Relationships with Perfect Memory

Like GPS Made Maps Obsolete, Aloe Makes
Paper & Existing Productivity Tools Seem Ancient.

Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep, Apple Notes and the hundreds of other note taking apps have more in common with Microsoft Word than Aloe. Aloe connects notes and tasks to the people and companies you interact with, and its natural language assistant and diary are focused on improving productivity.

Aloe was created to transform meeting prep, streamline note taking, and simplify the management of post meeting tasks and contacts. Aloe combines Notes, Tasks, Contact Management, Work Assistant and CRM integration as a native app that runs on phones, tablets and desktops with iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS.

Designed to Help Teams Sell More and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Once You Start Using Aloe, Your Productivity Will Soar.

Perfect Recall

Aloe replaces analog and digital notebooks & to-do lists, and enhances team productivity via sharing of notes, tasks & contacts. and Hubspot CRM Integration

If you use or Hubspot CRM, avoid wasting valuable time updating the CRM and use the CRM to document prospect and client interactions & managing tasks.

Meeting Prep

Check attendee BIO's, news, previous notes and tasks status before each meeting starts.

Document Each Interaction

With Aloe you capture each interaction as a separate note, like a Tweet or a Blog Post. Tag each Note with Contacts There are no gigantic documents with names in Aloe.

Post Meeting Activities

With Aloe, adding new contacts you meet and task followup and management works the way you do.

Converts Handwriting to Text

Aloe replaces analog and digital notebooks & to-do lists, and enhances team productivity via sharing of notes, tasks & contacts. and Hubspot CRM Integration

Aloe Automatically Syncs Notes to the CRM. No more duplicate work entering notes in the CRM, or aggravating your manager by not doing it.

Manage All Personal Tasks and
CRM Tasks from Aloe

You can manage personal tasks and CRM tasks from one place. Use Aloe’s task management system to track the items you owe others and the items that others owe you. If you use a CRM, Aloe provides visibility to CRM tasks and lets you delegate tasks to your CRM colleagues.

Camera and Stylus are First Class Input Devices

The camera is a first-class input device for whiteboards, goods, buildings, people and pictures of paper documents.

" thus provides a framework for the delivery of powerful new capabilities in an important context by offering data integration, prescriptive recommendation-driven machine learning, and a greater use of all available data sources.”

- Dan Woods

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Aloe has already made paper and existing productivity tools obsolete for many professionals.

Global Tech Company CEO

"Aloe makes the previous note taking and task management apps I've used seem archaic.

Entertainment Lawyer / Agent

"Aloe is my new Contact Management System. I've been waiting a long time for Aloe, I just didn't know it."

Globetrotting Sales Rep

"Goodbye pen & paper, and hello Aloe. I use Aloe on an iPad Pro & Apple Pencil and have my Aloe Account integrated with"