Ross Kudwitt


Ross’s career is atypical of a startup software entrepreneur. He was trained as an Electrical Engineer and started his career at IBM developing CPU microcode. The atypical part is that Ross has management & leadership experience as the CIO and CTO for: Timex, New York Public Library, Advanta Bank, GFI Group, and Comtex News Network. Ross has extensive experience as a Software Entrepreneur with roles as a tech co-founder at:,, Intervest - which was a new issue bond auction trading platform that was sold to GFI Group, and Patron Technology - which is a leading SaaS enterprise platform for arts & cultural organizations and recently partnered with Providence Equity to take Patron to the next level.

High Performing Teams use Aloe as a Hub for Customer Conversations

Professionals and their teams need perfect recall to maximize productivity and customer success. The problem is that customer history is lost in email, paper meeting notes, or just plain forgotten. We are using AI to obliterate the problem.

Aloe gives professionals an AI-powered app to capture details from each meeting and call, and since Aloe integrates natively with enterprise systems, Aloe organizes notes automatically and can send notes to the enterprise systems.

We have a ton planned for Aloe, including an API for integrations. If you would like to discuss your innovative idea, we would love to talk.

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