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Just as GPS made maps obsolete, Aloe is trained to make these organization tools unnecessary:


Pads and Notebooks


To Do Apps


Note Taking Apps


Calendar Reminders




Texting & Emailing Yourself


Post-it Notes




Hoping you Remember

Here's how Aloe can make your day more effective:

  1. Aloe starts your day with an email detailing the day's agenda and recaps the previous day, showing you everything organized by your tags, meetings, contacts, and deals
  2. Send Aloe all your ideas, notes, reminders, bookmarks, documents, photos, and videos throughout the day via text, phone dictation, email or using the Aloe app
  3. Aloe can call you before the end of each meeting, with an option to postpone your next meeting, and offers to take meeting notes and reminders

The Repository for Everything Important

Aloe organizes everything you send to it, and you can unlock more skills if you connect Aloe to your Calendar, Address Book, or CRM

Send Text Messages or Email

Instead of texting or emailing yourself and using paper, send or forward messages to Aloe. 

Photos, Documents, Bookmarks, and Videos

Send everything you want organized to Aloe and never forget anything again.

Daily Email

Each morning Aloe will send you a recap of the previous day and an agenda for the day with BIO's, news, previous notes and reminders.


When you want to dictate a note just call Aloe, then Aloe will transcribe the recording and make the recording available to playback. Aloe can transcribe conference calls too.

Handwriting Notes and Drawings

Use the Aloe App to handwrite and draw with a stylus, like the Apple Pencil, Microsoft Surface Pen or Samsung S-Pen. Aloe converts your handwriting to text, so you can easily find your notes. and Hubspot CRM Integration

If you use or Hubspot CRM, Aloe will learn the Leads, Contacts, Companies and Deals you're working on an keep the CRM updated automatically.

Use Aloe in the Morning

Very early in the morning, Aloe will email you an agenda for your day to review news, bios, and notes for each meeting, and to review the previous days activity.

Aloe's Job is to Help You Attain Perfect Recall

Aloe automatically organizes each note according to your contacts, events, location, and tags, then Aloe reminds you about commitments and delivers the info when you need it.

Aloe Calls to Wrap-up Each Meeting

Aloe can call or text you before the end of each meeting, with an option to postpone your next meeting, andoffers to take meeting notes and reminders.

“The company is breaking new ground in providing contextually aware AI-powered assistance to support productivity before, during, and after meetings.”

- Dan Woods

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Aloe has already improved the effectiveness of many professionals.

Global Tech Company CEO

"Aloe makes my Moleskin obsolete, helps my meeting prep, and keeps me on schedule without rudely checking the time."

Entertainment Lawyer / Agent

"Aloe is my new legal pad. I've been waiting a long time for Aloe, I just didn't know it."

Globetrotting Sales Rep

"Goodbye pen & paper, and hello Aloe. I use Aloe on an iPad Pro & Apple Pencil and save tons of time keeping updated."